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Glow-Getter is your trusted source for everything self-love and self-care. It’s a collection of beautiful tips and stories of beauty experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts who strive to provide and achieve an empowered glow inside out. This is where you discover practical pieces of advice for the personal care industry, must-try beauty and wellness services, as well as salons, spas, and wellness clinics that will provide the care you deserve.

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is a technology platform specially designed to revolutionize the beauty and wellness service industry through Software-as-a-Service Solutions and a marketplace where people can discover, book, and buy salon and wellness services.

Established in 2019, Parlon started out as a listing online platform for salons and wellness centers who want to expand their digital presence and make booking appointments easy for their customers. By making beauty and wellness services accessible and effortless for all through a well-designed website (and soon, an app!), Parlon aims to revolutionize the way Filipinos value and practice self-care.

With the COVID-19 pandemic ultimately putting the beauty industry on hold, Parlon is on two important missions:

1.      Help business owners of salons, spas, wellness centers, and beauty clinics bounce back and embrace the new normal
2.      Empower customers to prioritize safety and self-care now and beyond the pandemic

Now, more than ever, Parlon believes it's important to protect our peace and safe spaces and learn how to love ourselves in the safest, healthiest way possible.   

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Like a true Glow-Getter, we’re constantly on the hunt for like-minded contributors who would love to share self-love stories, give honest beauty & wellness service reviews, or just inspire our community to love themselves more.

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Our Awesome Authors (so far)

Kristine Claire Ongcangco and Kyla Paler

Kristine Claire Ongcangco

Kyla Paler and Camille Oliveras

Kyla Paler

When she's not busy binge-watching FRIENDS for the 526th time, buried in a sappy (sometimes romantic) novel, or eating all the cheesecakes she can find, Kyla is out and about exploring the many, many beautiful places this beautiful world has to offer. Staying put has never been her strength. What she is, though, is a storyteller – endlessly wandering, curious nearly to a fault, and forever in love with adventures told and untold.

Moira Luga

Moira is a local non-binary writer who has a passion for storytelling, especially when it's about anything that piques their interest, such as beauty and skincare. When they are not doing any writing, they are probably watching Smallville or Bridgerton, both shows being their all-time favorite TV series.

Camille Oliveras

Camille is a self-proclaimed social media lurker, yet practices social media for a living. She loves all things pop culture, true crime and documentaries, and Dubnation (#IYKYK), and is all ears when it comes to opportunities of becoming a professional binge-watcher.

Chab Ocampo

Chab Ocampo is a makeup artist, beauty content creator, lifestyle writer, and copyeditor. She considers herself to be a true beauty girl who enjoys trying out new products, creative fun makeup looks, and writing her genuine thoughts on the beauty industry.

Tet Defensor

Lover of life, superbly optimistic and obsessed with productivity. A funny wife and mom (biological, step and foster), Tet likes anything that brings a smile. With a life anchored on crafting ideas into words, she believes experiences must always be captured in hilarious metaphors so that it lasts forever. Like a cup that runneth over, the human heart must never run short of merriment. Writing may be tedious for some, but for Tet writing is life. A spiritual process that blends the soul with happy thoughts.

Kamille Vera

Kamille is a beauty and wellness enthusiast with a preference for a clean and natural look. She is an avid reader, stationery hoarder, amateur gardener, and k-drama fan.

The Parlon Team

The Parlon Team loves to share real stories from the beauty and wellness service industry, give practical and honest reviews of salon, spa, and wellness services, and spark healthy conversations about self-love and self-care.

Rheina Casupanan

Rheina is a 20-something writer and storyteller, who specializes in crafting content for digital and print media for local and multinational brands. In her free time, she likes to cuddle with her dog, annoy her sister's cat, and play Animal Crossing and Genshin Impact.