A Love Letter to Beauty Salons, Spas, and Wellness Centers

Dear you,

It’s a sunny day, finally. 

If things were how they’re used to be, I’d automatically squeeze in a visit at your place into my schedule this weekend. It’s what I’m going to look forward to every day this week. Well, besides my catch-up date with my friends, who equally love you as much as I do, and the beauty sleep I’ve been craving for since Monday.

I miss the times I can spontaneously run to you for an instant pick-me-up after a heavy day.  

Now, I only ever go outside whenever I truly need it. Sometimes, I pass by you on the way to the supermarket and see that you're closed again for what feels like the third or fourth time since last year. I'm sorry, I lost count already. And all I can do is miss our moments.

I miss the times I can spontaneously run to you for an instant pick-me-up after a heavy day. I often find myself reminiscing the hours I got to spend sitting at your comfiest chair, only to feel an indescribable boost of confidence right after. Whenever I don’t feel like myself, I daydream about experiencing your magic. 

Oh, your magic. 

You manage to keep me lovely and sane, and you do it so effortlessly in just a few minutes. 

It’s incredible how despite the uncertainties and challenges you’ve experienced the past year, you still get to keep that. On days I muster the courage to go out, you never fail to make me feel amazing even though a lot of things had to change at your expense, for our safety. You manage to keep me lovely and sane, and you do it so effortlessly in just a few minutes.

And for that, thank you. 

Thank you for taking care of me, for making me feel beautiful. 

Even when you are temporarily closed, you never stopped thinking of me. I know because you share tips online and push beauty products that I may need while we cannot see each other yet. You even have gone the extra mile when you bring your services and love to our homes.

Thank you for investing in reliable beauty equipment just so you can give me the best service there is.

It doesn’t matter whether I ask you for a perm or a rebond, you always make sure I get the hairstyle that perfectly suits me. 

Once in a while, I’d feel like experimenting and ask you for a balayage, an ombré hair, or just some highlights,  and you’d fully support me even if we both know it’s going to take almost half of the day. Thank you for making the hours worth it. I hope you know I appreciate how passionate you can be at helping me achieve my dream hair. 

Thank you for always reminding me about hair care, for knowing exactly what hair treatment I need to keep my crown shiny and healthy.  

Thank you for adding color into my life by keeping my nails polished and artsy. You’ve really outdone yourself when you introduced me to gel polish. It’s like my nails are suddenly bullet-proof! Our mani-pedi, nail art moments are definitely my favorite. 

And our massage moments, too! You have no idea how many times you helped me de-stress and prepare for another work week with a full-body massage. 

I can also still remember my first float pod, my most relaxing experience yet! Believe me when I say there’s nothing I’d do to experience it again for the first time. 

Thank you for giving me that glow.

If my skin can talk, it’s going to tell you how much they love your facials. Thank you for keeping my face clean and bright. Thank you for giving me that glow.

Your laser treatments brought me a lifetime supply of confidence and that’s something I’ll forever be grateful for, too.

You know my smile is my asset, and it's because of you that I get to keep this bright, radiant smile. Thank you for making sure that my teeth are pearly white.

Thank you for my waxing treatments, for making me feel comfortable in my own skin and for allowing me to live carefree days. Extra thanks for making it almost painless.

Back when face-to-face events were still a thing, thank you for being my go-to place whenever I needed to prepare for a party or an important celebration in my life.  Your make-up magic and limitless hairstyle techniques never failed to make me feel like an A-list celebrity. 

Thank you for the hair extensions that instantly saved me from my DIY hair trim turned disaster.  Those hair extensions instantly gave me that glam look I never knew I needed.

Thank you for my eyelash extensions. My quarantine look has been extra since we’re required to wear face masks outdoors these days. 

And how can I forget? Thank you for my perfectly groomed and shaped brows. Your tinting, microblading and microshading techniques have prepared me for all my Zoom meetings, for sure. I know it’s time for my eyebrow threading and waxing already and I swear I’ll be there soon. 

Thank you for being a safe place for self-love. 

And most importantly, thank you for being the one place where I truly feel pampered and relaxed. I know peace comes from within, but thank you for being a safe place for self-love. 

I can’t wait for the day the world finally heals so you can continue to care for more people like me. Until then, I hope you hang in there. 

Brighter days will come, and we’ll see each other more again.