How to Make Your Customers Feel Safe When They Visit Your Salon or Clinic

Salons, wellness centers, and spas all over the world are implementing necessary changes at their spaces to remain open during these times.

Ever since the pandemic started, people learned to pay careful attention to cleanliness and hygiene. It's impossible to provide massages and beauty services without physically touching your customers. But there's always a way to keep it safe.

Here are a few things you can do to make your customers feel at ease when they visit your salon or clinic.

1. Deep clean your salon/clinic

Throw away dusty magazines and wipe away dirt from your beauty tools and wellness equipment. If possible, update your space a little to make your customers feel excited to come back!

2. Implement an online pre-booking system

Start exploring digital solutions that can help you setup your own appointment scheduling tool and give your customers a safe, contactless experience.

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3. Make safety essentials available

Stock up on tissues, alcohol, hand soaps, sanitizers, and face masks. Make sure these are available for your staff and your customers.

4. Re-evaluate your processes and decide how you can limit physical contact

Gather your staff and brainstorm on ways you can eliminate unnecessary physical touch points like paper forms or cash payments. This way, you engage your staff to feel committed to safety.

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