4 Things Your Customers Want to See When They Search for Your Salon and Wellness Business Online

Every month, over 12,000 people in the Philippines search for salons near them in Google. In a year, Google receives over 144,000 queries about salons from potential customers who might be considering your salon to be their next safe haven.

These numbers are pretty massive considering that beauty services are not considered essential since the pandemic. It just goes to show that it's important for your business to be visible online in order to gain new and returning customers.

Whether you have a social media page, a website, or you are listed as a salon partner at beauty discover platforms like Parlon, these are the 4 main things we think your customers are looking for when they search for you.

1. Your operating hours

It’s become important for your customers to know if you’re open for business so they can carefully plan their visit.

2. An updated menu of your services (with prices!)

By keeping your menu updated, you give your existing (and new) customers the chance to make an informed choice about the services they want to try.

3. Recent photos of your salon or clinic

Modern customers give importance to the aesthetic and cleanliness of your space and imagine how they’ll fit in even before they arrive at your salon or clinic.

4. Pre-booking process and requirements

Now, more than ever, customers adapt to digital processes and look for safe, contactless experiences.


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