Parlon Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Christmas is only a few weeks away! While it’s still a pandemic Christmas, this year’s festivities are looking a lot better than last year now that lockdown restrictions are easing up. Of course, we still need to be very careful when we go out. But for the first time after almost two years, we can go to the salon for our holiday makeover and celebrate the year that has been with our family and friends.

And what better way to surprise your loved ones than to give them the gift of beauty and wellness?

With the Parlon Beauty Festival, you can conveniently gift someone any salon and wellness deal. Just go to,choose a deal, and select to buy for someone else. Your recipient will receive an email and SMS notification that will let them know what you got them.

Here are some ideas to help you get started on your gift shopping:


We got gift ideas for every member of the fam as well as the people closest to your heart.

1. A 90-minute massage from Recovery Spa for your mom

Our moms deserve to be pampered any time of the year!

2. A MANpering session from The Secret Lounge for your dad

Your dad will never buy this for himself, but he’ll surely appreciate this one.

3. A Keratin Brazilian Blo out from Blo for your sister

Watch your sister feel giddy out of excitement once you give this to her.

4. A fashion hair color service from Hair ng Tondo for your brother

Yeah, it’s time your brother try a new hair style.

5. A fashionista tita extravaganza nail art from Titas of Manaila for your favorite tita

There’s no more perfect gift than this.

6. A lash lift from Miss Derm for your childhood bestie

You can even go with her and have matching lashes!

7.  An Oxygeneo 3-in-1 super facial from Beaute Et Bien Etre Salon & Spa for your work bestie

Work may be stressful, but at least they glow?

8. A couple wellness weekend retreat from Hiraya Wellness for your partner

You know you both need this!



Our best and most affordable deals yet.

1. This relaxing Ventosa massage from Ethos Day Spa

If your recipient hasn’t tried this yet, now’s the time. PHP 435 only.

2. This hair and scalp tonic treatment with haircut from Going Straight

Talk about hair care and makeover in one! PHP 450 only.

3. This eyebrow shaping, upper lip threading, and underarm cold wax combo from Waxcovado

TOTAL. GROOMING. PACKAGE. For your friends in Bacolod! PHP 500 only.

4. This gel pedi from I Do Nails

Everybody likes a gel pedi, tbh. PHP 550 only.

5. This Luminous Glow Package from Biocare Aesthetics

It comes with skin booster, exfoliator, and cryotherapy massage! PHP 999 only.



If you’re feeling a little generous! Just an idea: these can be gifts for yourself, too.

1. This gel mani-pedi from Buffed Nail Lounge

Did anyone of your friends order a gel polish? PHP 1,252 only.

2. This collagen rebond, keratin mask treatment, and haircut package from Uncommon Barbersalon

It’s like you’re gifting them their dream 2022 look. PHP 1499 only.

3. This limited-edition Brazilian waxing from Strip

Perfect for your beach buddies! PHP 1519 only.

4. This Japanese lash lift with tint from Benibana Beauty Hub

This won't disappoint, for sure. PHP 1875 only.

5. This hair color treat from Marqed Salon

Whatever their hair color peg is, Marqed Salon can do it.  PHP 2000 only.

6. This Brow Wow set from Browhaus

Comes with 2 sessions of brow threading and a Brow Powertool Granite! PHP 2,277 only.


For more gift ideas, check out available deals at

The Parlon Beauty Festival is the first and biggest online beauty event for salon and wellness services. It runs from November 20, 2021 to January 8, 2022. Organized by Parlon, your go-to platform for beauty and wellness.