Waxcovado Opens Its Second Branch at SM City Bacolod

Waxcovado opens their 2nd branch at the 3rd floor on the North Wing of SM City Bacolod

If you’re in need of a complete pamper session that can save you both time and money, then you have to book your next salon appointment at Waxcovado.

Waxcovado, Bacolod’s first ever one-stop, homegrown salon, opens another branch at SM City Bacolod to give Negrenses another go-to for all their grooming needs. Their first branch is located at Ayala Malls Capitol Central in Bacolod as well. 

“It means so much to me that we have another branch because it means that Waxcovado can provide jobs to more girls and these girls can find meaning in what they do,” Tin Yulo, owner of Waxcovado, says.

From left to right: Waxcovado owner Tin Yulo and Rheina Casupanan

This grooming salon has everything you need—waxing (starts at ₱299), mani-pedi (₱499), threading services (starts at ₱150), lash extensions (starts at ₱449), blowstyling (starts at ₱299), and now, even hair care treatments. They curate service packages and keep their prices affordable to encourage more people to take care of themselves. Convenient booking and exclusive promos are also available at Waxcovado’s Parlon page.

Waxcovado emphasizes that, while they offer salon services, these are also grooming essentials that women (and men) regularly need. One of their missions is to educate more people about the importance of grooming and this, Waxcovado believes, is what sets them apart from others. In fact, Tin previously shared with Parlon her belief that “there’s power in making somebody happy even for a short period of time.”

Full support for the first day of the new branch of Waxcovado, the first one-stop homegrown salon in Bacolod
The whole setup for Waxcovado’s newest hair treatments: Head Soda Spa and Nano Steam & Frozen Iron Treatment

To further strengthen their advocacy for grooming, Waxcovado introduces new hair treatments: Head Soda Spa (starts at ₱850) and Nano Steam & Frozen Iron Treatment (starts at ₱950).

These Waxcovado angels are all geared up to pamper and groom you

“This entire setup originally came from Japan and we’re very proud to say that we are the first to bring this in Western Visayas,” Tin says. 

Head Soda Spa deeply cleanses your scalp with carbonated water and mimics the therapeutic effects of a hot spring. The spa lasts for an hour and leaves your hair soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. 

While you can get a head soda spa alone, it goes well with Nano Steam & Frozen Treatment especially for those who frequently color or bleach their hair. This treatment opens up your hair cuticle and locks in moisture to ensure the long-lasting effect of the products you put into your hair.

The SM City Bacolod branch also has Waxcovado’s signature safety measures that are also implemented at their Ayala branch:

  • No outside shoes are allowed. 
  • Every guest is provided with disposable shoe covers. 
  • Everyone and the salon itself get sanitized using a Bactakleen fog humidifier. 
  • Waxcovado staff wear their personalized Waxcovado PPEs. 
  • All tools are UV-sterilized after each and every session. 

As a client, you’ll feel absolutely safe in Waxcovado during your entire pamper session. 

“There’s power in making somebody happy even for a short period of time.”

If you’re from Bacolod, make sure to support your local salons and visit Waxcovado at Ayala Capitol Central (located on the 3rd floor) or SM City Bacolod (located on the 3rd floor, North Wing). If you’re coming from Metro Manila, make sure to include Waxcovado in your itinerary when you visit the City of Smiles. It’s a trip worth taking and an even more relaxing experience to treat yourself to without transferring from one salon to another for each service you need. 

Waxcovado is open from 10:00AM to 10:00PM daily. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and more information.

Know more about Waxcovado and its owner Tin Yulo on Parlon. Visit the Waxcovado page on Parlon to discover their services, book an appointment with ease, and score exclusive waxing and mani-pedi deals.

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